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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is growing and homes are needed in every segment of the housing market. In 2015, Amsterdam began construction on 8,000 new homes and their goal is to continue this trend by building 5,000 new homes every year.

Studies show that at this moment 1,000 individual projects are in construction. The city center of Amsterdam is known for its narrow streets and numerous tourists/users. This increases the urgency to formulate innovative solutions for construction logistics in order to maximize energy efficiency and minimize nuisance.

The decision has been made: the UvA City Centre Campus, located at the southern end of the Wallen district, is on its way. In the upcoming years, the neighborhood will be transformed into a vital area that fulfills the needs of students, academics and researchers, residents and businesses. The area is currently lacking in urban quality and homogeneity. This will be upgraded through a new public design with a focus on maintaining historic characteristics. It is predicted that 15,000 people, including students, tourists and academics, will use the area every day.


The CIVIC-project will test and demonstrate

The area is known by for its narrow streets, which lead to difficulties for construction logistics. On the other hand, the area offers ample possibilities because it is surrounded by channels. Innovative solutions are therefore available. Besides these challenges, there is a need to approach stakeholder management in a different way: local residents and business associations are very active in the area. The demonstration in Amsterdam will be the second demonstration in the CIVIC project and builds on experiences from a previous demonstration with respect to participatory decision-making.


Facts about the UvA City Centre Campus

Construction contract: Design Build Finance Maintain Operate  
Construction start: 2017 (tender in autumn 2016)
Construction end: 2023/2025.
Size: 50 hectares  
Land owned by: 80% UvA, 20% others
Public transport: Tram 
Research: multi-actor multi-criteria analysis (MAMCA), innovation trough tender procedures, optimizing construction logistics, business cases and governance.  



National demonstration partners

  • Amsterdam University of Applied Science
  • University of Amsterdam 


  • Michael Berden, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
    The Netherlands – National Demonstration Coordinator