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Brussels, Belgium

PHOTO: Brussels Mobility

In order to improve accessibility and increase livability, Brussels is currently taking action to improve its public transport network and simultaneously transform the city's public space. During the construction phase, these required infrastructure developments, often on main roads within the city, have a temporary but significant impact on multiple stakeholders.

In southern Brussels, the existing tramline 94 will be extended over two kilometers on Woluwe Boulevard. Simultaneously, this boulevard will be transformed into a modern city boulevard, giving specific attention to cyclists and pedestrians while ensuring smooth traffic for car users.


The CIVIC project will test and demonstrate

Infrastructure projects on a major urban boulevard, with several stakeholders affected during the construction phase (such as schools, shops, shopping centers, residents, visitors, commuters, etc.), call for new participatory decision-making tools in order to select accompanying measures that are widely supported by the different stakeholders. The transformation of Woluwe Boulevard will be the focus of the demonstration in Brussels. This will be the first demonstration in the CIVIC project and is aimed mainly at developing the participatory framework, on which the subsequent pilots can build.


Facts about Woluwe Boulevard - tramline 94

Construction start: February 2016
Construction end: February 2018
Size: 95,000 m²
Total investment: EUR 21.5 million
Land owned by: Brussels Capital Region
Public transport: Tram


National demonstration partners

  • VUB - Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • CommuniThings
  • Brussels Mobility


  • Tom van Lier, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    Belgium - National Demonstration Coordinator
  • Pamela Nolz
    Pamela Nolz, E³UDRES² European University
    Austria - Former National Demonstration Coordinator