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Vienna, Austria

PHOTO: schreinerkastler

aspern Seestadt is Austria's largest construction site. In several phases until 2030, a new city will be constructed in Vienna's 22nd municipal district, covering an area of 2.4 million m². This area will provide accommodation for about 20,000 people and some 20,000 workplaces.

The development agency Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG and the project management team appointed by the City of Vienna are responsible for coordinating the urbanization process of aspern Seestadt. The aim is to balance work and home life, green space and urban flair, high-quality standards and scope for individuality in this ”city within a city”.


The CIVIC project will test and demonstrate

In the Austrian context for aspern Seestadt, a holistic and system-optimal approach will be investigated for efficient planning, based on real-time data collected through smart applications and stakeholder consultation. The challenges of coordinating workers at different construction sites and the timely delivery of material will be addressed with the objective of optimizing resource efficiency and reducing traffic. The optimization and impact assessment of alternative sustainability measures benefit participatory decision-making by providing accurate insight into the consequences for and of construction-related transport. 


Facts about aspern Seestadt

Construction start: 2010
Size: 2.4 million m²
Total investment: EUR 5 billion 
Public transport: Metro, tram, local, regional and intercity train services, and buses
Construction logistics: In order to keep construction-related transport low, as much material as possible is recycled on site. All building equipment is required to meet strict criteria for noise and emissions.


National demonstration partners

  • AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
  • BERNARD Engineers