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2017 BIVEC-GIBET Transport Research Days

18 May 2017 (All day) to 19 May 2017 (All day)
Liège, Belgium
The next BIVEC-GIBET Transport Research Days will take place on Thursday, May 18 and Friday, May 19 2017 in Liège, Belgium, organized by the Center for Transport, Mobility and Logistics, University of Liège. The Transport Research Days offers young and established scholars from the three Benelux-Countries an opportunity to present their research findings to an informed audience of transport researchers.

CIVIC researcher Prof. Dr. Tom van Lier will present the paper: Impact of infrastructure construction on stakeholders and vice versa: the case of tramline 94.

The research presented in this paper is part of the European research project CIVIC that aims at finding ways to increase the participation of citizens in creating more sustainable urban environments, and more specifically in the context of reducing the impact of urban construction activities. The paper looks at this from two angles. First, the methodological framework of the Multi-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis (MAMCA) is developed in such a manner that it allows increased participation of different stakeholder groups in defining potential alternatives and mapping their criteria and the relative weights. Second, the assessment of how the actual demonstrations succeed in increasing the participation of citizens will be done by looking at how the implemented alternatives are adopted by the citizens. The underlying rationale is that when citizens are more participating and more involved in the preparatory process, and when they are better informed on the actual impacts of different alternatives, they will more broadly support the chosen solutions, and more easily adopt their behaviour or accept the temporary nuisances. This paper discusses the intermediate results of the currently ongoing Brussels demonstration case in terms of the improvements made so far in the methodological framework and the impact assessments. Also, the challenges related to stakeholder identification, clustering and criteria selection and weighing, as well as the barriers for participation of stakeholders are analyzed. Finally, the preliminary results of the impact assessments will be analyzed to identify to what extent this adds value in comparison to applying selected key figures from literature.

For more information about the paper, contact Prof. Dr. Tom van Lier, .

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Arranged by Center for Transport Mobility and Logistics at University of Liège.