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CIVIC at Transportforum

During the Swedish annual conference Transportforum on 10th and 11th of January 2018 CIVIC researcher Anna Fredriksson, Linköping University was the chair for a full session with construction logistics as the theme. Also during this session Lovisa Westblom, Closer and Anna Fredriksson, presented the CIVIC project and the Smart Governance concept developed in the project.
Lovisa Westblom, CLOSER and Anna Fredriksson, Linköping University

Transportforum is the largest conference in the Nordic countries within the transport sector, arranged annually by VTI, Linköping.  During the 10th and 11th of January 2018 about 1600 participants from the transport sector gather in Linköping to listen to exciting presentations and networking. The conference started with an opening speech from the swedish Minister of Infrastructure, Tomas Eneroth.  

Construction logistics need to be considered early in urban development projects to minimise the disruptions in the surrounding environment and optimise energy efficiency. In the CIVIC-project we work with early stakeholder involvement based on the MAMCA methodology developed by Prof. Dr. Cathy Macharis , logistics optimisation based on real time data and Smart Governance strategies that enable the effective use of energy efficient logistics and participatory decision making in urban development projects”, said Lovisa Westblom.