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Consortium meeting in Amsterdam

On November 6 - 8 representatives from Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands and Sweden met in Amsterdam for a consortium meeting and site visit. During the three days the participants discussed the progression of the project’s different work packages and visited the construction site of a new metroline in the city of Amsterdam that will be ready in June 2018.
Michael Berdem, Pamela Nolz, Mats Janné, Anna Fredriksson, Tom van Lier, Monica Billger, Lovisa Westblom, Susanne Balm, Caroline Karlsson, Marie Morel, Philippine De Radigués de Chenneviére, Eric Sens

The CIVIC project is underway and progress within the different work-packages was presented during these three very productive days in Amsterdam. Among other things the final conference in Gothenburg during 18-19th of June was planned.

The meeting also included a site visit to the construction site of the new North/South metro-line, which is planned to be in operation in 2018. An enormous project right through the city of Amsterdam which have been delayed by 10 years and has encountered various obstacles. 

At the start of the project in 2003, it was communicated that hindrance would be minimal. This was far from the truth, as streets have been closed for many years, houses have been affected, and overall the cost increased with 120%. 

In 2008 it was conclused that the project was too large for the City of Amsterdam. The government of The Netherlands had to be involved, and a steering committee was also formed. The project had a restart in 2011 and at this new start of the project the communication to the public was vital, and there was a new communication strategy established, which included:

- Active and realistic communication of risks, on the website and in the newspaper
- Simulation of a failure to practice with residents what they should do in case of calamities 
- Invitation to the surrounding communcity to call if something occurs
- Showing the progress: visits under the ground, drones were used to make movies, humour was important as well.

After the restart people were even allowed to visit the actual construction site, like we did with the CIVIC consortium. This project clearly shows that stakeholder involvement and realistic and transparant communication is crucial for managing construction projects.  

The next CIVIC project meeting will be held in Stockholm on 19, 20 and 21 March.