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Construction logistic session at the VerDuS conference 2016

The CIVIC project organized a session about construction logistics during the VerDus conference in Breda, the Netherlands.
Koen Van Raemdonck and Michael Berden. Photo: Remco van Blokland

Speakers were Geert te Boveldt (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Michael Berden (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) and Wasim Haji (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences). The moderator was Koen Van Raemdonck (Vrije Universiteit Brussel).
The CIVIC project aims to develop solutions to minimize the negative effects of construction logistic in urban areas. Main research areas are:

•    Evaluation of logistics measures in a multi-actor setting
•    Logistics optimization using dynamic data technologies
•    Development of smart governance concepts
During this session, the attendees performed a MAMCA- analysis based on a fictive case. MAMCA is the abbreviation for Multi-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis. During the workshop, multi-actor decision making was simulated, where each stakeholder has unique criteria (for more information see:

Attendees were classified into different groups: construction companies, residents, clients, municipalities etc. These actor groups got different criteria assigned, that later would be weighted by themselves in an online platform (using Analytical Hierarchy Process). After this exercise, the groups needed to evaluate proposed alternatives for construction logistics based on their own criteria. This resulted in an overview of how the proposed alternatives scored on each criterion. Based on this overview a discussion could take place, where groups have objective insight in the criteria of each stakeholder.

Download the presentation by Michael Berden here (in Dutch)