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MAMCA workshop in Seestadt Aspern

On the 7th of December 2017, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, BERNARD engineers (as part of BL&UM) and LiU Linköping University organized a MAMCA workshop in Aspern Seestadt. Stakeholders representing municipality / citizens, project managers / investors, suppliers / logistics providers, contractors and environmental organizations discussed about construction logistics under environmental, social and economic aspects.
Mats Janné and Anna Fredriksson

The workshop showed different perspectives of the stakeholders and enabled a fruitful discussion about why there are preferences for different alternatives. 

The following alternatives were evaluated by the participants, focusing on a construction area comprising several construction sites being processed at the same time:  

  • Laissez faire - no coordination between different actors
  • Controlling city - city authorities propose a construction consolidation center
  • Planning city - a maximum number of transports into the construction area is determined

The following criteria groups were specified by the participants:

  • Safety and social aspects
  • Delivery
  • Rnvironment
  • Cost
  • Flexibility
  • Marketing