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Paper presentation at VREF Conference 2016 - part one

Michael Berden is a researcher in the CIVIC project at the department Urban Technology at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and responsible for the CIVIC- demonstration in The Netherlands. He presented a discussion paper at the VREF Conference in Gothenburg, October 2016. Read his own words about the paper.
Michael Berden (far left) together with CIVIC researchers Wasim Haji and Pamela Nolz.

“The scope of the discussion paper is to examine smart governance strategies for construction logistics in different countries. Subjects as individual and combined opportunities for tender procedures, organizational structures, logistics concepts and redistribution trough transparency in costs and benefits regarding construction logistic solutions will be explored.

The structure of this (short) presentation was based on three research questions: who is/are the problem owner(s), who takes control and who takes responsibility and how can we realize transparency in logistic cost and benefits. The purpose of the presentation was to stimulate a discussion based on these three questions.

The most important observation was that smart governance strategies must be approached through the different perspectives of stakeholders that are involved in the specific problem, and that therefore a single answer is not possible. The presented questions need to be approached per necessary partnership per problem. By focusing on different problems, different solutions with different characteristics will be necessary. A universal solution is therefore not suitable."

For more information about the paper, please contact Michael Berden,