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Paper presentation at VREF Conference 2016 - part two

Mats Janné from Linköpings universitet in Sweden is another of the researchers within the CIVIC project. He also presented a paper during the VREF Conference in October 2016. Read an interview with Mats!

Hello Mats! What is the main scope of your paper? mats_janne_-_his.jpg
– The paper (Exploring innovative logistics solutions in the construction industry) tries to give a holistic view of the discourse within construction logistics and SCM as well as investigating from a literature perspective why the adoption of logistics thinking and SCM has not reached its full potential. There have been some efforts to add more logistics thinking into construction projects, and some construction companies have tried to go all the way to SCM all at once, but the development has not been that fast. Nor has it necessarily been successful. What I tried to show in the paper was why this may be, but also to add logistics innovation theory as a guidance to how the industry could take a step back from the full-on push towards SCM, and instead incrementally work towards reaching SCM as a natural part of its operations and thinking. Adding logistics solutions such as construction logistics centres, checkpoints, and planning tools can build a foundation of logistics awareness that I believe is needed to fully reach SCM.
What reactions did you get during the conference?
– The paper was presented during the academic track during the first day, and it, together with the other construction logistics papers in the session, sparked an interesting discussion of how logistics needs to be a natural part in construction and in development projects.
What is your role in the CIVIC project?
– My role in the CIVIC project is that of a researcher. I am currently doing my PhD education and CIVIC has become part of that process. The papers I produce in my collaboration with the city of Stockholm and construction logistics centre at Stockholm Royal Seaport will feed into the CIVIC project as deliverables, but they will also be part of the foundation of my PhD.

For more information about the paper, please contact Mats Janné,