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Project meeting in Brussels

On August 29-30 representatives from Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands and Sweden met in Brussels for a project meeting and methodology workshop. During the two days the participants discussed the progression of the project’s different work packages and the Multi Actor Multi Criteria Analysis (MAMCA) methodology that will be used in the project was also presented and tested.
Group picture
Image including Eric Sens, Tom van Lier, Kajsa Hulthén, Walther Ploos van Amstel, Susanne Balm, Bin Hu, Monica Billger, Michael Berden

It is nice to see the complementary skills and personalities of the consortium and how this comes together during meetings. It leads to open, critical and constructive discussions. And also very important: there is a very positive flow within the group, something that is called ’gezellig’* in Dutch. CIVIC has definitely moved out of its start-up phase!, said Susanne Balm, Project Manager for CIVIC.

The two-days meeting ended with a visit to one of the demonstration sites in the CIVIC project: Woluwe Boulevard - tramline 94. This will be the first demonstration in the CIVIC project and is aimed mainly at developing the participatory framework, MAMCA, on which the consecutive pilots will build.

”The extension of tram line 94 in Woluwe is a good example of how infrastructure works in a city can have an important impact on a wide variety of stakeholders, as the construction section we are focusing on will temporarily hinder the access to a large shopping center, reduce car parking options for local residents, and create challenges for bicyclists and pedestrians to travel safely. Using the MAMCA methodology, we want to gain a better insight into the concerns of all stakeholders and stimulate the co-creation of solutions that increase urban livability.”, said Tom van Lier, National Demonstration Coordinator in Belgium.

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