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Project meeting in Vienna

On April 24 - 26 representatives from Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands and Sweden met in Vienna for a project meeting and site visit. During the two days the participants discussed the progression of the project’s different work packages and visited the demonstration site Seestadt Aspern in Vienna.
Kajsa Huthén, Philippine De Radigués de Chenneviére, Pamela Nolz, Monica Billger, Tom van Lier, Anna Fredriksson, Bin Hu, Walther Ploos van Amstel, Mats JannéSusanne Balm, Hanna Timring, Michel Berden, Eric Sens

The CIVIC team is almost half way through the project. This resulted in essential and effective discussions and working groups. The three-days meeting included as a highlight a visit to one of the demonstration sites in the CIVIC project: Seestadt Aspern. This will be the second demonstration in the CIVIC project and aims at optimizing transport logistics related to the construction of a new development area in the city of Vienna.

”Seestadt Aspern is a very big and impressive project, which shows a lot of construction works going on at the same time at the same place. It is great that you can clearly see the impact of construction development on the construction logistics flows. In The Netherlands many construction projects are developed in inner cities. Construction logistics processes are merged with daily mobility flows and therefore you do not get a clear view of the impact of construction development projects on logistics processes.”, said Michael Berden, CIVIC researcher from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

”Seestadt Aspern is a good example of how logistics processes can be optimized through planning and coordination. The construction of this new development area is characterized by complex decisions, which can be supported by IT tools based on data analysis and operations research methods. We focus on innovative logistics concepts, providing solutions for construction-related schedules and transports, minimizing economic, environmental and social cost.” said Pamela Nolz, National Demonstration Coordinator in Austria.

The next CIVIC project meeting will be held in Amsterdam on 16, 17 and 18 October. If you are interested to join the site visit to the Amsterdam demonstration, please inform consortium leader Susanne Balm,