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Smart Governance - Transport Efficiency Day 2017

CIVIC researchers Anna Fredriksson, Linköping University, and Kajsa Hulthén, Chalmers University of Technology, presented the CIVIC project and Smart Governance concept at the Transport Efficiency Day in Gothenburg on August 24th.
Corentin de Tregomain, Kajsa Hulthén, Anna Fredriksson

"The strategy for freight transport is a very high priority for the Swedish government". With these words, Mattias Landgren, State Secretary of Infrastructure Minister Tomas Eneroth, marked the launch of this year's major conference on efficient transport - the Transport Efficiency Day.

The sixth edition of the Transport Efficiency Day, Treff17, was held on Aug. 24, focusing heavily on developments here and now - with digitalisation, urbanisation, energy efficiency and "the roads towards the visions" as themes/sessions.

"Within the CIVIC project, we collected data from four countries on how to solve construction logistics in urban environments. It is clear that project-wide management of construction logistics provides better resource allocation but at the same time it limits the freedom of contractors to use their own solutions", said Kajsa Hulthén.


Download the presentation here