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Swedish project meeting in Stockholm

In the end of March the Swedish project consortium met up in Stockholm to discuss the upcoming demonstration within the CIVIC project. Engaging discussions and an inspiring study visit at Stockholm’s new city space Urban Escape made the day for the participants.
The Swedish Consortium incl Maria Oscott, Kajsa Hulthén, Monica Billger, Robin Billsjö, Anna Fredriksson, Mats Jannén, Märta Brolinson, Hanna Timring

Swedish project partner Servistik invited the Swedish project consortium to the site of Urban Escape in the middle of Stockholm’s city centre. Servistik is the logistics provider for Urban Escape as well as part of the Swedish consortium in the CIVIC project. 

Urban Escape consists of five houses, four streets, two squares and a mall – in a total area of 130 000 m². The project is the biggest urban development project in the Stockholm city centre since the 1970’s. Some of the existing houses have been/are being rebuilt and other have been taken down to give room to completely new buildings. All in the very heart of the Swedish capital.

The property owner of Urban Escape, AMF Fastigheter, presented the new neighbourhood and stressed the importance of a logistics solution such as Servistiks’. Without it, it would not be possible to carry out major construction in densely populated areas like this. After the presentation by AMF Fastigheter the participants were shown around the building site by one of the major contractors, Skanska. A very interesting and insightful tour with huge inspiration for the CIVIC project. 

The project meeting focused on discussing the upcoming demonstration in Sweden and setting the framework for how to develop it. What do we want to demonstrate, how and where were key questions that the participants focused on. 

Participants during the project meeting where representatives from the city of Stockholm, the Swedish Transport Administration, Chalmers University of Technology, Servistik, Linköping University and CLOSER at Lindholmen Science Park.


View from the roof top of one of the Urban Escape buildings: